Introducing FaceScope, our deep learning and artificial intelligence mobile facial-recognition software, designed specifically for for private sector security and law enforcement agencies.

Join our portfolio of ever-growing clients who have found FaceScope to be the most powerful tool in their operations and directly linked to a substantial increase in revenue.

Why use it?

FaceScope is the Mobile facial-recognition for the private sector and law enforcement.
More than 10.000 manually annotated images used for training the software.
Objectivity in observations.
Accurate modeling of the face by describing 500 key points.
Versatile system including OEM licensing and an API.

How does it work?

FaceScope automatically analyzes 6 basic facial expressions, neutral, contempt, and boredom, interest, and confusion. It also calculates gaze direction, head orientation, and person characteristics. Plus 20 Action Units. The Project Analysis Module is ideal for advanced analysis and reporting: you quickly gain insight into the effects of different stimuli.