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About Us

When you choose Bluewave Technology, Inc Cloud-Based Licensing, you can ship new Software License Models fast. It's the most effective way for you as a Software Vendor to grow your software sales and revenue.

The Software Licensing Models listed here are used by leading Software Companies on the Bluewave Technology, Inc platform.

Remember, many of these Software Licensing Models can be used in conjunction with each other, making light work of use cases that are easy enough to put into words but otherwise complex to achieve.

Get the Software Licensing Models Guide for lots more information.

If you have a use case you are thinking about, and can describe how you'd like it to ideally work, let's talk because most use cases are achievable when you use Bluewave Technology, Inc Cloud-Based Software Licensing.

Perpetual Licensing

This is the simplest model, the regular "buy then use forever" approach which is familiar to most of us. It is the most common Licensing Model that Software Companies look to move away from. However, Bluewave Technology, Inc have great support for it, complete with Offline Activation when needed, making for a hassle free easy experience for your end-users, plus it's designed to substantially lower your support requests regarding licensing.

Subscription Based Licensing

As consumers we are more and more familiar with purchasing in a SaaS-like Subscription way. It's the reality for so many services we now use, hence a majority customers are happy to adopt it and it feels quite normal. Bluewave Technology, Inc's Cloud-Based Licensing makes it easy for you to adopt Subscription Based Licensing for your regular Desktop, Server, IoT and Mobile type Software, as well as being great for use cases where you have a Desktop-SaaS Hybrid offering you need to control. By using Subscription Based Licensing with our Account Based Licensing, the User becomes the central focus as against a License Code.

Concurrent Licensing

A great way of easing the mechanics of bulk licensing for your customers. Simply restrict the number of active copies of your Software which are permitted to use on a License Code. For your business customers this is an easy way for them to buy what they need and for you to make sure they only get to use what they have paid for and are entitled to. Drastically lower licensing support issues by making it far easier for you and your customers to manage their license entitlements.

Floating Feature Licensing

When you have business customers who have multiple instances of your software, you can cap the number of instances of a feature or ability that can be used at the same time. For example, 10 users are using copies of your software, but only a maximum of 3 can use a certain feature at once.

Element Pools Licensing

If you have business customers who are running multiple instances, you may find you want to restrict access or ability to use a certain resource. These resources are Element Pools. For example, if your software is run on 10 graphics workstations, and for final rendering they have access to a total of 100 processing cores to render final frames, Element Pools lets each of the 10 workstations have access to the 100 cores in any amounts, but the total cores used by all machines together at any one time cannot exceed 100.

Consumption Based Licensing

One of the most modern Licensing Models, Consumption Based Licensing enables you to track what is being used. Consumption Pools of Consumption Tokens make this possible, with the allocation of Consumption Tokens tracked. Depending how you want to use it, you can have an usage tracked model for overseeing a usage based contract, or offer Pay-as-you-go or Pre-paid Licensing Models for your customers. You can use this in conjunction with our Subscription Based Licensing and our Account Based Licensing.

Account Based Licensing

Account Based Licensing is the modern way. The user or customer is at the center of everything, with a username/email and password identifying the entitlements. It's familiar in the world of mobile and SaaS, but now you can do the same for Desktop, Server, SaaS-Desktop Hybrid Software and Services. Bluewave Technology, Inc Account Based Licensing can be used in conjunction with any other of our Licensing types here.

End-date Based Licensing

When you want your Licenses to be valid up to a fixed date then to stop working, you can use End-date Based Licensing. You can then extend the end-date when required via the Licensing UI or API.

Feature Based Licensing

Restriction of Features for any License Code or Account means you have fine grained control over what aspects of your software each user can use and what they cannot. You can do more than simple on/off models for your individual Features, such as Concurrent Licensing, Consumption Licensing, or limited try-outs.

Suite Based Licensing

If your software has a Suite of offerings such as Lite/Std/Pro versions of it, or distinct parts such as Word Processing/Spreadsheet/Presentation, you can ship the whole suite in one binary and let Bluewave Technology, Inc Licensing securely take care of which users get access to what. This makes instant upgrades simple and easy to offer and fulfil. It also greatly reduces engineering complexities, lowering the amount of binaries you have to maintain, update, fix and manage.

Network Licensing

You many immediately recognise a use-case where you want to sell to customers who are going to use your Software at sites which don't have regular internet access available. You still want to restrict what they are permitted to use, often across a set of computers, devices, or users at that company. Not a problem. Bluewave Technology, Inc Network Licensing has these use-cases covered with our Network Licensing Server which sits on the LAN. Our Network Relay Server is an equally interesting option, providing a gateway to our regular Cloud-Based Licensing through the DMZ.

Offline Licensing

Although as consumers we take internet access for granted, sometimes it is not available or it is restricted. Bluewave Technology, Inc Offline Licensing makes the bulk of our Licensing Models possible, and our Offline Activation is simple, quick, and hassle-free for your customers who need it. The portal is fully skinnable so your brand is kept constant.

Hardware Licensing

For companies who ship Hardware which has software at it's core, we support many platforms so that you can leverage all the benefits of Licensing. From provisioning through to use in the hands of the customer, Bluewave Technology, Inc Hardware Licensing provides control and monetization opportunities for hardware companies wanting to increase revenues and gain control of what users can and can't do. Propagate upgrades purchased by your customers in nothing more than a reboot.

Maintenance Contract Licensing

When you use Bluewave Technology, Inc Licensing you can also track the Maintenance Contracts you sell or initially include with purchases of your software.

Multi-Platform Licensing

Bluewave Technology, Inc Licensing is multi-platform, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, ARM, Java, FreeBSD and more, ask for details if you have specific platform support requirements.

Trial Licensing

When you choose Bluewave Technology, Inc Licensing you get great Trial Licensing right out of the box, so your customers can immersively experience your Software. How you want Trials to behave is up to you, from simple time limited trials, to trials which are feature restricted, to experiencing trials of new features which are offered through further upgrades or purchases.

Multi-User Licensing

Bluewave Technology, Inc Cloud-Based Licensing brings powerful ways to manage multi-user customers, making things easier for you and importantly for them too. Gone are the days of having to deal with one license code per user, in comes concurrent licensing, multi-activation licenses and more.